Bodhran/Axe - Pieter Holt, the Blacksmith
Flute - Maggie Holt, the Last Shield Maiden 
Lute - Bradley Bardleberry, the Tavern Keeper/Bard
Guitar/Hammer - Joshua Cross, the Carpenter/"Not Jesus"
Piccolo - Tabitha "Tabs" Bardleberry, the Barmaid
Ocarina - Wesley, the Wagon Boy/"Not Link"
Woodwind - Otis Price, the Stream/River Keeper
Recorder - "Delightful Villager", noteworthy Jester
Elephant Drum - Eustace Tangey, the Undertaker/Wine
Didgeridoo - Nobu, The Shadow 
Snare Drummer - Nameless Boy
Harpsichord - Nana Cooper
Erhu - Invisible Master
Second Erhu - Louie Magill, the Broken Man  
Fiddle - Herbert, the Grain Miller
Knowledge - Alexander Bayes, the Librarian
Wisdom - Grandpa Nicholas Cooper, the Astronomer
Tears - Abigail, the Baker
Eyes - Baby Bluebird
Dance - Pearl, the Hidden Girl
Dance - Ruby, the Lost Girl
Dance - Eliza, the Wandering Girl
Light - Edward Milne, the Candlemaker/Beekeeper
Whistle - Alvin, the Farmer
Siren - Rose, the Seamstress
Pirate Cello/Chanter - Séamus McQuaid, the Drunk
Accordion - The Salty Sailor
Coconut Shells - Artax, the Ghost Horse/Clip Clops
Necessary Kisses - The Nameless Dog
Necessary Teeth - The Nameless Wolf
The Ocean - Gaye, the Memory/Ashes
The Bell - Orion, the Cat in the Castle
Lemons - Mert, the Orchard Keeper/Wind
Boxes - Pete, the Train Conductor
Thunder/Fun - Thor, the Red Squirrel

Song - The Ancestors
The Heart/Love - Us