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Sci-Fi Saturdays on StudioStargazer.Org

Experiencing some technical difficulties with Bandwidth for the new Saturday Night Sci-Fi Live Show - Looking into faster internet to help expedite... needless to say, current bandwidth is insufficient for such purposes, to much dismay. lol We're on the barebones basic plan right now, and WiFi drops constantly. It's difficult to maintain a stable wormhole connection. Such is life in the middle of nowhere. If you'd like to Donate a Starlink package to the Studio, proceed to the Contact form. lol In all seriousness, I'm not asking for Mr. Beast to give me a Tesla or anything, but a few extra bucks in the Patreon bucket, or Direct PayPal/Cash App buckets would go a long way toward making our dreams a reality. Our Sci-Fi Saturday Workshop took place on the Wisdom App this week ( - Next Week's will likely take place on Discord. Look for the Big Colorful Discord Button on the Contact form to join the Studio Stargazer server. Or click that Hyperlink I just made. lol To help us Upgrade our internet package to enable Live Shows, head to the Support page. You'll be honored in the Hall of Gratitude for your contributions, to let the entire world know that You helped make that possible. Your name *should appear in the credits. This is the Way. I have spoken.

- Master Chief/Commanding Officer/Progenitor/Primary Administrator/CEO/Civilian Oversight Ambassador/Interstellar Liaison/Homeworld President/Fascist Dictator/Supervillain/Messiah Figure/Kool-Aid Vendor/Creativity Pimp Your Crazy but Lovable Starship Captain, - Jenner Ad Astra

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Studio Stargazer
Studio Stargazer
Feb 17, 2022

Yet another fail getting Wix Live to behave... Going to move the Workshops to Discord for the time being. We'll be there Saturday Night! - If you haven't joined the Studio Stargazer Discord Server yet, head to the Contact Page and click on the big shiny colorful Discord button. We'll look forward to seeing you there!

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