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Stargazer Karaoke!

Every Thursday at The Thirsty Lizard Bar & Grill in McNeal, AZ (8pm-Midnight)

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Springing into Action!

We had an AWESOME Easter Weekend here at Stargazer Ranch. Hope you all got to Enjoy the Sunrise Celebration with Tale of Peter Rabbit. Gonna leave that up for a bit. Big Gold Easter Egg up at the top

Spring Celebration

Happy Easter from Studio Stargazer! - Please Enjoy the Sunrise Celebration and 'Tale of Peter Rabbit' NOW at StudioStargazer.Org/Spring

The Universal Language

Music has always been at the Core of Studio Stargazer. It's the reason it exists in the first place. The more I contemplated on this, the more I realized it wasn't right to Limit the original music pi


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