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The Universal Language

Music has always been at the Core of Studio Stargazer. It's the reason it exists in the first place. The more I contemplated on this, the more I realized it wasn't right to Limit the original music pieces to 30 second samples. The songs aren't available anywhere else. They've never been submitted to a music distribution service or streaming platform, and it's for good reason. Studio Stargazer is different on purpose. So I've made the choice to make All of my music available to Play right here on StudioStargazer.Org for Free. You won't find it on Spotify or Apple Music or Pandora. But if you really resonate with what I'm doing here, please consider Buying a copy for yourself. Why? you ask? ... you mean Buy Music? like it's 1995? Yes. Because if you *Do, and can show Proof of Purchase, you will receive:

You can Use the Music in your Own Works. Remix to the ends of the Earth. The only restrictions that apply are that you cannot use it in Broadcast TV/Radio or Movies/Video Game Development without further discussions. But if you are a Content Creator, Audiobook Producer, Voice Over Artist, etc. - by purchasing these albums, they become Yours to use, Royalty Free. For Life.

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