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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

A New Stage in the Evolution of the Stargazer Virtual Community Theater Our story takes place in the 2300's, on a Starship headed for another world... it's an Original Sci-Fi Adventure Story, centered on AI and consciousness... Bound by the Laws of Time and Space. It's our first piece that's "intended for mature audiences only and contains strong language and adult themes blah blah blah' ... lol It is also unique in that almost *All the Main Characters of the Story will be played by AI. I've had a tremendous amount of fun "playing" with Apple's Text-to-Speech voices, but now I'm going to Work with them; Casting several to play different ship systems and androids.

I introduced the idea of Human Characters as 'The Red Shirt Initiative' - in a tongue-in-cheek way I'm certain only a handful of people got. We're setting a hard max of 5 lines for background or secondary characters.


- No Aliens, No Robots, Cyborgs Ok.

- Future Ads for Space Radio

- Messages from Home

Provide Sound Layers:

- Life Happening

- Time Capsule Moments

- Dogs. Yes, Dogs. (will be credited by name)

Try it out. Especially if you've never tried anything like this before.

The Humans are crucial.. they are there to Color and bring Life to the scenes.. they are the Reason to Go. And no, I won't airlock your character, that was a joke (I mean, unless you really want me to, lol)

the sound design on this one is utterly intense. I'm gonna use the full force of Epidemic and Original Scores. It will be our first *Truly Cinematic piece, and I'm extremely excited.

Lastly, I will announce that we have a Celebrity Guest. (*Update, 2) We were gonna go for a Brent Spiner Cameo, but hey.. as much as it might look like it, this ain't Hollywood money. It's barely sandwich money. But that's not why I do this. I do it for the love of the Art. I'm making the Sci-Fi story I wish existed, but doesn't.. I mean... That's why we're here, right?

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