Summer Sci-Fi Adventure

All Roles (Artificial and Human) are Cast

YOU can still Submit Sound Design Layers!

For Credit!

Space: - Cafe, Gym, Med Lab, Bio-Dome, Dog Park, Nightclub,
Concert Hall, Terminal, Elevator, Bazaar, Locker Room/Co-Ed Shower* lol 


Name Your File(s) Accordingly
EG - "Bio-Dome - Greenhouse Ambience by Tim's Treehouse.mp3"
"Dog Park - Growly Tug of War by Charlie and Beefy.wav"
"Dog Park - Playtime Borks by Snuffles.mp4"
"Nightclub - Drunk Skanks by Amy and Michelle.aiff"
"Nightclub - Drunk Douchebags Fighting by Skylar and Topher.mp3"
"Gym - Almost Uncomfortable Workout Grunts by Hanz.mp3"

You can submit *Literally anything, and I will work it into that scene. 
Capture Life Happening. Think of this as a Time Capsule.
I would love to see file names like:
"Med-Lab - (Real) Pregnancy Announcement by Lacy and Dave.mp3"

Know what I mean? .. I'd love the Dogs in the Dog Park to be people's actual dogs.
And list them in the credits. It's a Space Dog Park with a Pooper Scooper Robot, so have crazy amounts of fun with it

 Club Cosmos is also going to be somewhere to have a Tremendous amount of fun, creatively. I made 'Space Vegas' an integral element very early on. We're talking: Fake Ads/Radio Announcements for Future shit, Psychedelic Nano-bots (*ask),
... Pleasure Model Androids* ahem.. 
Glip Glops and Lazer Hookahs and the Whole 9. 

If you have Ever Dreamed about being a Background Character
in a Space Cantina and/or barbecue, this is definitely for you. I am adding a Bazaar sequence with Merchant droids that's ripe for plunder

Rules: No Aliens. Unless you literally intend to stick around and Create that Race of Aliens and Write it into Canon. lol
(minimum 3-5 year commitment, please sign in blood and/or robot milk) 

But I mean *Literally anything. I should specify that this project contains strong language and adult themes, so *almost nothing is off the table. But Don't be too gross. lol 

And Again, Add Real Stuff. Feel Free to make something up.
But Real Moments are priceless

RAW Audio please. No background music, unless it's from Epidemic Sound

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by Submitting a Sound to the Sci-Fi Sound Bucket, you acknowledge that you "Own" the rights to said audio clip. Please do not submit samples of copyrighted works or audio which you do not have express permission to use. Epidemic is Safe